Contribute to the transportation market

The company works in the field of road transport within Sudan and neighbouring countries with a market share of 9% of the total transport market in 2019, which rose to 10% of the total transport market in 2020. The company has a fleet of trucks with different capacities and tonnages. The trucks vary between the French Renault trucks, the German MAN and the Chinese Sino, with tonnages and capacity starting with 40 tons and more per truck, and a 6×4 thrust. All trucks are equipped with an automatic tracking system. The company has 6 low bed trailers of various specifications with a tonnage and capacity of 90 tons each and 8 machineries for unloading English ships with a load and capacity of 100 tons / hour per machine.

French Renault truck
German Man Truck
Chinese Sino Truck

Land transport

Sudan is one of the largest African countries in area, and it has geographical borders with seven countries: (Egypt, Libya, Chad, Central Africa, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea), and most of these countries are closed in nature (they do not have ports). Most of their merchandises (exports and imports) cross through Sudanese ports on the Red Sea.

With these geographical facts, vigorous attempts are being made for economic integration at the level of the African continent, focusing on the transport sector, where the pace of work is increasing daily to connect the east and west of the continent by continental roads, linking the Red Sea to the Pacific Ocean, which means in practice linking the economy of the land of Ham with the economies of Asia and Europe America, both North and South.


Linking countries to Sudanese export ports

With the growth of transport operations from Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Chad, the urgent need for transport fleets that are up to this task appears. Therefore, in Sennar Shipping and Transport, we find us significantly contributing to linking these countries to the Sudanese export ports, through an efficient fleet of trucks of different capacities and loads.

Sudanese production areas and export ports

As much as we care about continental roads, we give great priority to linking Sudanese production areas with export ports, in a way that contributes to advancing the state’s plans towards promoting renewable activities (agriculture, grazing, and settling industries), which contributes to the recovery of the public treasury in hard currencies.


We contribute to attracting imports that contribute to the national construction process, and to increasing competitiveness in the local market for the benefit of the Sudanese people.