The company has a distinguished crew for customs clearance operations, which can bypass all complications and procedures, to ensure the clearance of client shipments in all ports (sea, land, air).

The company carries out customs clearance operations at all customs crossings inside Sudan, using the global ASYCUDA system, to enable the customer to follow the procedures for clearing his goods easily.

Giving your confidence to the company means reducing the risk of imposing fines, due to the accuracy of our work (ensure the integrity of papers), speed (completing tasks in the least possible time), and professionalism (guarantees of the safety of goods in all stages of clearance

Our integrated services, which include giving all guarantees, and carrying out all transportation operations, contribute to the peace of mind of the client, and alleviating pressures on him, which gives him the opportunity to go to the rest of his business with complete confidence.

Our customs clearance services

Customs clearance for import and export

Customs clearance of high value goods

Storage and Free Zone

Preparation of customs documents

Postponement of customs payment

Merchandise classification

Advising on customs tariffs

Additional Services