Sinar shipping Co., Ltd.

Commitment to provide the best logistics services

Our vision

To be one of the top three companies in providing logistics services in Sudan and neighbouring countries with international standards by 2021

Our values

We provide our services with international standards and very precise time controls. We are committed to delivering shipments in a way that respect safety and confidentiality.

Our message

Providing the best logistics services locally and regionally with our qualified cadres and advanced systems to satisfy our targeted clients.

Sinar shipping Co., Ltd.

Sinar shipping and transport company Ltd. was formerly WS land transport and Sinar shipping and logistics, then they were merged together in one name to establish Sinar shipping and transport company Ltd., which is one of the Export Development Group subsidiaries, and is the service-logistical arm of the defence industries system. The company was established in the 2006 and provided land transport services of all kinds and continued the development to include maritime freight and customs clearance through its offices in Khartoum, Gedaref and Port Sudan. Currently the company provides integrated logistics services all over Sudan and through all maritime and land ports and covers most of the goods transported by land and sea with high efficiency through a package that integrates all activities. It covers all modes of transport with its different tonnages represented in:

General cargo

 Bulk, Dry, Liquid

Containers of all kinds